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Q. Why an online RSVP?
A. An online Rsvp is much easier than having to deal with manual procedures, such as filling out a form and mailing it out, tracking responses when or if you receive them.  We track the responses so you can concentrate on other business.  Almost every household has the internet, so why not take advantage of it and make your life easier.
Q. How does an online RSVP work?
A. When you create your custom Rsvp, simply use our built in address book to send invites or send out the URL that is in your browser address bar.  You can also opt to create an easy to remember URL (i.e.  Send this URL out to your guests in an email, newsletter, website, etc.  They can then go in and respond to your event.  The administrator, at any time, can check on the responses by logging back into RsvpHQ and checking the summary for that specific Rsvp.  The administrator also has the ability to choose to receive an email every time a guest responds.
Q. How much does your service cost?
A. We charge a nominal fee for our Rsvp service.  This helps keep our site and user Rsvp's advertisement and banner FREE.

We offer a sliding scale based on the number of guests you plan on responding to your event.
  • Rsvp: 10 Guests - FREE
  •   $0.00
  • Rsvp: 25 Guests
  •   $5.95
  • Rsvp: 100 Guests
  •   $12.95
  • Rsvp: Premium Service
  •   $21.95
  • Rsvp: Business Class
  •   $74.95
  • Add-On: Subdomain
  •   $4.95
  • Survey: 10 Guests - FREE
  •   $0.00
  • Survey: 20 Responses
  •   $2.95
  • Survey: 100 Responses
  •   $6.95
  • Survey: Premium Service
  •   $12.95
  • Survey: Business Class
  •   $64.95
  • Add-On: Subdomain
  •   $4.95
    Q. Can I upload my own logo?
    A. Yes, we allow you to upload logo's, pictures, images, etc.
    Q. I have paid for my custom URL but I cannot access it with a web browser.
    A. Custom Subdomain (sometimes referred to as an "Easy URL") will take between 10 and 30 minutes to be created and available for use. If your custom subdomain isn't working after that please Contact Us.
    Q. How do I configure my Custom Subdomain ( also referred to as "Custom URL" or "Easy URL")?
    A. You can configuration your Custom Subdomain in the "More Options" section when editing your RSVP Event Form.
    You can get to that section by doing the following:
    • Login to RSVP HQ
    • From the Dashboard Page "Edit" ( icon) for RSVP that you wish to configure subdomain
    • Select "More Options" link in top row of links.
    • In last section on "More Options" page, Select checkbox and enter desired name for Custom Subdomain.
    Q. Is my information safe?
    A. We have one of the most secure methods for encrypting your Rsvp data?  We do not share ANY information, email addresses, names, etc. nor do we have any business affiliates, advertisements, banners, etc.
    Q. I get an error when trying to purchase an RSVP.
    A. Your web browser must be configured to accept cookies to access most secure websites, including PayPal. Error 3014 indicates that you must enable cookies on your browser. Follow the instructions below to enable cookies. If your browser is not listed, consult your browser's Help section.

    If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher:
    1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
    2. Click the Privacy tab
    3. Set the slider to Medium or just below
    4. Click Edit
    5. On the line provided, type and click Allow

    If you are using a Microsoft Internet Explorer version prior to 6.0:
    1. From the Tools menu, choose Internet Options
    2. Click the Security tab
    3. Click the Custom Level button
    4. From the Settings list, choose Cookies
    5. Under the options 'Allow cookies that are stored on your system' and 'Allow per session cookies (not stored),' click Enable
    6. Click OK

    If you are using Netscape:
    1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences
    2. Select Advanced
    3. Under the Cookies heading, choose either 'Accept (Enable) all cookies' or 'Accept (Enable) cookies for the originating website'
    4. Click OK

    Try purchasing again.
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